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  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Fashion Designer of the Year
  • Author of the Year
  • Global Leader of the Year
  • CEO of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • International Business Woman of the Year
  • Leading Global Advisor of the Year


  • Startup of the Year
  • Most Enterprising Business
  • Best Investment Company of the year
  • Most Lucrative Business of the Year
  • Charitable Organisation of the Year
  • Retailer of the Year 
  • Best Emerging Real Estate Brand
  • PR & Law Firm of the Year
  • CA Firm of the Year
  • Best in Business Networking
  • Wedding Planner of the Year
  • Best Customer Service & Quality Control
  • Best Foundation for Education
  • Most Promising Brand of the Year
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Prime Awards Dubai 2022-1979-Edit-2_edited.jpg

Sectoral Excellence

  • Excellence in Advertisment & Marketing
  • Excellence in Agriculture & Farming
  • Excellence in Aviation
  • Excellence in Arts & Design
  • Excellence in Arts and Culture
  • Excellence in Automotive Industry
  • Excellence in Banking & Finance
  • Excellence in Beauty & Wellness
  • Excellence in Construction
  • ​Excellence in Education
  • Excellence in Facility Management
  • Excellence in Food & Beverages
  • Excellence in Healthcare 
  • Excellence in Information Technology
  • Excellence in Import & Export
  • Excellence in Jewellery Design
  • Excellence in Manufacturing
  • Excellence in Media & Publication
  • Excellence in Mining
  • Excellence in Pharmacuticals
  • Excellence in Social Media & Web Design
  • Excellence in Travel & Tourism
  • Excellence in Trading
  • Excellence in Creative Technology
  • Excellence in Engineering & Project Management
  • Excellence in Innovation and Technology
  • Excellence in Health and Fitness
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International Prime Awards

The  International Prime Awards offer 41 award categories in its annual program.

The award categories are grouped in three focus areas
1) Personality - For individuals
2) Organisational - Company, department or team
3) Sectorial Excellence - Business Fields & Sectors

"Prime Awards & Events allows and encourages you to submit multiple entries in multiple categories for The International Prime Awards."
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